Strategic Marketing & Communications Consulting


Catapult consultants apply best practices and decades of experience to quickly learn our client’s business and systematically improve marketing and communications performance.

Our Expertise


Catapult helps high-growth companies identify which markets to penetrate and develop for long-term growth. Harvest ripe segments now, and we’ll show you where to plant seeds for future growth.


Catapult pinpoints which of your strengths matter most in your buyers’ decision-making process. We analyze your competitors then incorporate these findings into to crystal-clear messaging that resonates with potential customers across all marketing communications.


Catapult doesn’t just develop and deliver results-driven marketing plans. We execute them with precision. We implement trusted technologies, tailored processes, and specialized talent to hit your targets. Partner with strategic marketing consultants focused on executing, measuring, and optimizing proven strategies.

Marketing Performance Audit
Our Marketing Effectiveness Audit can almost immediately save you money and increase revenue. Working alongside management and internal marketing teams, our 20-point audit uncovers where your marketing program is helping the business and where it is not and what to do about it. The audit examines all marketing areas relevant to your business.

Creating a Powerful Marketing Plan
Catapult dials in on your strengths to capitalize on your opportunities. we formalize our strategies into a comprehensive plan with best practices, technology. A strategic framework and prioritized action plan outlining how, when, what and where to engage with distinct customer segments — to build brand awareness, encourage trial and preference of your product or service or organization. Our marketing plans provide clear metrics to track performance to ensure marketing activities are effectively advancing business priorities.

  • Big picture thinking
  • Creative, integrated campaigns
  • Key performance measures
  • Realistic budgets
  • Granular timelines

A communications frameworks and strategy make efforts more streamlined and more effective than ever. Our team has decades of experience comprising internal and external communications programs. We’ll take care of identifying the audiences, crafting and priorities messages that motivate them to take action.


For B2B businesses, Catapult is a welcome alternative to traditional consultancies, agencies and research firms. We can’t wait to get started, contact us for a free consultation.

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