Catapult Strategy helps tech companies launch, monetize, scale, and pivot, in order to drive investor and consumer demand.

The technology sector is moving at a pace never seen in the past, new tech solutions, hardware and SaaS are entering the market daily. Businesses and consumers have innumerable choices and transitioning them into a customer can be challenging. This is how we help.

Most technology offerings fail to be commercially viable. In part, because most are undiscovered by the target audience and investors. With a plethora of innovative technology offerings across North America and globally, investors have options. Catapult applies a strategic, systematic approach to creating compelling technology brands and go-to-market. Using research evidence, we help you pinpoint your target market and sharpen your value proposition in order to convert curiosity into customers into revenue. 

A strong corporate culture, when harnessed correctly, can be a tech company’s most powerful asset. Having founded and scaled businesses ourselves, plus our work with many tech and hypergrowth companies, we’re keenly aware of the importance and challenges of building a strong team. We help tech companies be deliberate and considered about creating a corporate culture and brand that will attract, engage and retain employees. A corporate culture that is revered by competitors and helps your business achieve the hypergrowth breakthrough that so few do.

Our Expertise

Critical marketing improvements: Prioritize areas with the biggest impact on growth

Transformative brand environments that drive outcomes: fill the funnel

Turnkey expert oversight: tradeshow strategy, creative, execution, logistics

Do more with less: experience team laser-focused on cost-effective results

Differentiate: Messaging, positioning and presentations that resonate with your audience

Agile business planning: A new path to goals for a new era

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