Catapult Strategy helps tech companies launch, monetize, optimize, scale, and pivot, in order to drive investor and consumer demand.

The technology sector is moving at a pace never seen in the past, new tech companies, hardware and SaaS are entering the market daily. Businesses and consumers have innumerable choices and transitioning them into a customer can be challenging. Same can be said for attracting investment. Technology is not only disrupting traditional markets, it is shaking-up established technology strongholds. No business or institution is safe from change. Established tech companies quickly find themselves ‘old news’ and technology solutions that have taken years to perfect in R&D, launch into a sea of competition.

Most technology offerings fail to be commercially viable. In part, because most are undiscovered by the target audience and investors. With a plethora of innovative technology offerings across North America and globally, investors have options. Sophisticated venture capital firms are looking for compelling technology brands that use research evidence to identify unmet target audience needs and unlock key drivers — to inform distinct brand positioning that will generate the enthusiasm and demand to warrant additional funding rounds and build valuable brand equity.

A strong corporate culture, when harnessed correctly, can be a tech company’s most powerful asset. Having founded, scaled and sold businesses ourselves, plus our work with many tech start-ups and hypergrowth companies, the Catapult team is keenly aware of the innumerable demands of leaders’ time. We help tech founders and management teams be deliberate and considered about creating a corporate culture that will attract, engage and retain employees. That will be in alignment with your brand and values and behaved every day. A corporate culture that is revered by competitors and helps your business achieve the hypergrowth breakthrough that so few do.

From a global IoT network to molecular personal health testing to 3D smart city technology, our clients are entrepreneurs, innovators and investors. They are reshaping, rethinking and redefining the world. Our work applies a new perspective that helps them achieve their vision.

We help turn an ingenious idea into a hyper-targeted, monetized offering. Get the advice you need to connect powerfully with your audience of investors and customers.

What we do for your business: 

  • Audience profiling, value proposition and key messages
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Market research and competitive comparative assessment
  • Culture definition to drive attraction and retention of employees
  • Monetization, offer design and pricing strategy
  • Brand architecture structure to maximum brand equity and flexibility for acquisition or sale
  • Investors presentations (A and B Series)
  • Preparation to maximize IPO
  • Vision, mission, statement of purpose definition
  • Workplace culture, communication and engagement
  • Brand and marketing strategy
  • Content and website strategy and implementation
  • Team building and innovation workshops

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