Market Research

Market and customer insights can help you discover unmet needs and  provides a foundation for decision-making. Insights you can leverage to maneuver your business for growth.

“Insight-driven businesses have a threefold increase in revenue and grow faster, 27% for public and 40% for start-ups than the global GDP of 3.5%.” Forester Research


Market Research, Customer Satisfaction & Trends
Consumer research, data and trends help businesses discover unmet customer needs, pain points, motivations and basis for competitive advantage. It helps remove the natural internal bias we all have and gut instincts are validated or disproven based on verifiable research insights. Critical knowledge to increase certainty in your decisions and mitigate risk.

Our team is unique in that we interpret research, not simply collect data as is often the case with researchers. Our understanding of your business, environmental influences, analytics & data, competitive landscape and consumer trends is overlaid with qualitative and quantitative research. We distill and translate research into practical, actionable business insights.

Competitive Intelligence and Industry Analysis
All businesses across industries have competition. Competition that is morphing with new entrants and disruptive technology. Our competitive/comparative brand assessment involves the collection and synthesizing of market data and trends, perceptions, customer experiences and brand positioning of current, emerging and best-in-class competitors, contrasted to your own. Using our competitor/comparative framework, we dig beyond the obvious to draw inferences about where your customers and competition are shifting and position you to capitalize upon this.

Customer Experience and Segmentation
Your business must respond to meet rising customer expectations. We partner with businesses to align your customer’s journey with operating realities, physical and digital environments to deliver meaningful customer experiences that support your business goals.

Grounded in real customer insight, we help you identify distinct audience segments and their emotional and logical key drivers that will motivate action. Tools like our customer journey framework help to understand their unique pain points, moments of truth, beliefs, and lifecycles. Data-driven processes are also introduced to customize the experience.

Our customer experience and research services are specialized to unlock insights that reframe how management teams view their customers — to increase certainty in decision-making and deliver tangible business results. We can’t wait to get started, contact us for a free consultation.

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