Catapult Strategy help universities and colleges plot a path through their rapidly changing marketplace to drive preference, enrollment and engagement among students, faculty and staff.

Univerities and Colleges are having to change radically. The value of an higher education is in question by some, students are unsure of what option is best, North American enrollment is decreasing, different expectations of Gen Z and Millennial learners — the historical rules no longer apply, colleges are having to become innovators, universities are having to become more practical and polytechnics are stuck in the middle with low public understanding of their offering and value.

Our work with numerous universities and colleges, which include assignments ranging from comprehensive strategy and research to brand, recruitment and engagement programs, means we bring a built-in knowledge of key issues facing private and public post-secondary schools to our work with you.

As with all sectors, technology is changing education internally and externally. The changing economy is radically transforming the job market, jobs are becoming projects, careers today didn’t exist 5 years ago, innovation and creative problem-solving skills are becoming critical. Some students believe they can find practical education online and CRMs are transforming internal communications and culture. Operating budgets are decreasing while student, staff and faculty demands increase. Students are looking for an education and skill set that will match their future careers.

How do typically methodical, risk-averse, higher education institutions keep pace with the demands of the job market, shape future leaders, and stay relevant in the eyes of prospective students? As marketing budgets decrease where do you invest your money? As competition increases, how do you create a differentiated, compelling brand? How do you do more with less, spread across the ever-expanding communication channels and the fact that students are self-navigating?

The bottom line
For US and Canadian colleges and universities, we apply our extensive research and higher-education expertise to differentiate your institution from others, deliver exceptional learner, faculty and staff ‘customer’- experiences, and drive demand.

What we do for your college or university:

  • Comprehensive research initiatives to examine student, prospects, staff and faculty engagement, brand relevance and reputation
  • Competitive marketplace brand and trends analysis
  • Translation of research into insights-driven recommendations to support institutional goals
  • Audience profiling, value proposition and key messages
  • Brand strategy and brand identity that distinguish and enhance reputation
  • Recruitment strategy and campaign development
  • Guided strategic planning to unlock new perspectives and thinking
  • Team building and innovation workshops
  • Institutional vision workshop

Our Expertise

Critical marketing improvements: Prioritize areas with the biggest impact on growth

Transformative brand environments that drive outcomes: fill the funnel

Turnkey expert oversight: tradeshow strategy, creative, execution, logistics

Do more with less: experience team laser-focused on cost-effective results

Differentiate: Messaging, positioning and presentations that resonate with your audience

Agile business planning: A new path to goals for a new era

If you are interested to learn more about how changes in learner expectations, competition and the job market are affecting the North American post-secondary landscape, give us a call. Catapult is a welcome alternative to traditional consultancies, agencies and research firms. > Say hello.

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