Industrial & Manufacturing

Catapult Strategy helps industrial & manufacturing businesses shift and sharpen brand, marketing & business strategies to differentiate and drive new growth.

Industrial and Manufacturing businesses are being transformed in ways that could not be predicted 10 years ago. Technology disruptions, consumer and employee expectations, new emerging competition, shifting political and economic landscape are but a few factors.

Catapult is a trusted partner to complex, industrial businesses. Successful companies often decades-old, built from grit and entrepreneurial determination. We understand the nuances of industrial sectors and stakeholders and are equally as comfortable on the plant or tradeshow floor as in the boardroom.

Catapult applies a strategic, insight-driven approach to creating differentiating, compelling industrial brands, marketing programs and environments. Essential maneuvers capable of propelling your business into the future while also maintaining the brand equity built over decades.

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Our Expertise

Market research: Gain new insights into current perceptions, market intelligence, trends and unmet customer needs to find new avenues to growth.

Rebrand: A differentiated, compelling brand, value proposition and key messages that resonates with your customers, employees and community.

Marketing performance: We plan and prioritize marketing and sales solutions, focusing investment on those with the biggest impact on growth and best ROI.

Strategic planning: Our transformative, insight-driven strategic planning approach brings a new lens to align, focus, innovate, mitigate risk and position you for growth.

Special initiatives: Offload key initiatives to a highly experienced senior team who can plan, anticipate, oversee, mitigate risk and execute with precision.

Website + Content: We apply our communication and digital expertise to plan, create and maintain your most crucial marketing touchpoint.



For industrial, manufacturing and other complex businesses, Catapult offers a welcome alternative to traditional consultancies, creative agencies and research firms. > Get to know us.

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