Industrial & Manufacturing

Strategic marketing communications for industrial  & manufacturing businesses.

Rapid changes on all fronts are keeping even the brightest owners, executives and boards up at night. Business environment, consumer expectations, shifting sands of political and public favor, ageing infrastructure and social license are but a few factors. Technology disruption has transformed many traditional businesses in ways that could not be predicted 10 years ago, it has provided the customer with an increasing variety of options and control. Costs spiral as corporations’ struggle to reach fickle B2B and B2C customers, marketing is more challenging, diverse and unpredictable.

Mature businesses are in a fight to maintain relevance and market share — they are acquiring and merging in an attempt to dominate the market and gain control of their future. Small and mid-cap businesses are attacked from all sides by smaller, agile, innovative upstarts. Businesses find it hard to pivot quickly, they can often find their product mix out-of-date or trumped in the battle for features and services. Size can be a benefit or a hindrance, even the most respected businesses can lose touch with their audience and realize too late they are losing relevance. This is where we help.

Unlike traditional management consulting firms and marketing agencies, Catapult possesses hybrid expertise making us more valuable to your business. Combining management consulting, with research, design thinking and brand, allows us to better identify both the emotional and rational factors impacting your business and connect those back to strategic growth manoeuvres. Our work begins by extracting an accurate, shared understanding of the current state of your business and fulsome understanding of the entire customer journey to identify unmet needs, solutions to address those needs and market opportunity.

The bottom line
We translate research insights, connecting the dots between business goals, operation and resource realities with customer experiences and compelling brands. Give us a call, we would love to learn about your business challenges and goals.

What we do for your business: 

  • Qualitative and quantitative research to unlock perceptions, motivation, satisfaction and unmet needs
  • Insights-driven strategic planning for future growth
  • Competitive intelligence and sector trends
  • Product/service viability testing and pricing strategy
  • Vision, mission and statement of purpose definition
  • Audience profiling, value proposition and key messages
  • Workplace culture, communications and engagement
  • B2B and B2C brand and marketing audits and strategies
  • Brand and campaign development
  • Website and content strategy and implementation
  • Team building and innovation workshops.

For industrial B2B businesses, Catapult offers a welcome alternative to traditional consultancies, agencies and research firms. > Say hello.

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