Public Engagement & Facilitation

Catapult applies expertise in facilitation and public engagement to stimulate meaningful dialogue and deliver sessions that propel your business and community relationships forward.


The planning and implementation of consultation programs to listen, learn and engage the community, businesses, governments, internal stakeholder groups and indigenous communities. We understand the nuances of gathering ‘fingerprints’ and will guide you through the steps to gather insight and build agreement, adoption and enthusiasm around change.

As your partner, we facilitated conversation and develop communications strategies that open up dialogue, capture ideas and input and form relationships built on respect. Importantly, research insights and data introduce new information that helps shed internal bias and broaden perspectives

Public Engagement 
Design and execute public engagement and market research programs that unlock key challenges and opportunities from a range of internal, external and marginalized stakeholders.

Public Education & Engagement Communications
Distillation of complex issues and technical information to make it accessible to the public. To build awareness understanding and dialogue.

Stakeholder Engagement
Create and execute tailored targeted communication and engagement programs that reflect the needs of stakeholder leaders across private and public sectors.

Digital Engagement
Build data-driven digital programs that reach, engage, educate and influence.

Engagement Audits
Evaluation and analysis of current programs, practices and plans compared against best practices.

We facilitate large and small workshops, discussions and events designed to stimulate participation and meaningful dialogue.

Event Planning
We plan, create, and execute small and large-scale events and interactive experiences for 20 to 50,000 people.

Graphic Design and Content
Design and production of communication tools and experiences. From videos and websites to signs and displays.

Envisioning Sessions


Future View Workshop
We live in an age of exponential change in which rapid innovation is disrupting and unseating incumbent products and industries, creating new frontiers and challenging nearly everything we know about business. This workshop is designed to give leaders and management teams a better view of their future in order to make better decisions today, to Future Proof your business. To create your future rather than be disrupted by it.

How to create a compelling case for PE, VC or Angel Investment
Most technology offerings fail to be commercially viable, in part, because most are undiscovered by the target audience and investors. With a plethora of compelling technology offerings in the US, Canada and globally, investors have options. Most start-ups subconsciously believe that everyone will see the same dream and a deluge of information will convince private equity firms to feel the same passion. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Most investor pitches are convoluted, complex, and feature-based, failing to trigger the combination of tactical and emotional response critical to buy-in.

Vision and Purpose Workshop

Rapid change is redefining every business across industries. It requires leaders to remain nimble, to anticipate where risks and opportunities lie and how to exploit them.

Your Vision is the foundation to Future Proof your business in this changing world. The north star from which your strategic roadmap is built. Our strategic planning session guides management teams in redefining their Vision, Purpose and Promise and other core strategic business pillars.

Reinvention 101 Workshop

Rapid change is impacting nearly everything we know about business. Established market leaders are finding themselves fighting to maintain relevance and market share. Businesses and institutions alike are faced with the choice to harness change and create the future or be disrupted by it.


Our talks are interactive with the aim of pivoting participants’ mindset from day-to-day thinking to a future focus. To galvanize teams around a central idea that can be brought back and applied to your organization.

Think of us for your next management retreat, conference or team learning event. Our professional speaking engagements are often leveraged in combination with a workshop and can be customized to suit the audience profile and industry makeup.

Our speaking services include:

  • Facilitator
  • Corporate engagements/retreats
  • Bespoke events and workshops
  • Boardroom advisory
  • Panel speaker
  • Keynote speaker
  • Conferences
  • Smaller more intimate talks
  • Executive learning
  • Workshop series

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