Growth Focused. Insights Driven.

Catapult Strategy was built to address the real challenges facing medium businesses today. 

A boutique consulting firm with 25 years of experience, we combine in-depth market and consumer insights with practical business leadership, brand and marketing experience to design unique solutions for unique challenges. We thrive in complex environments, high-pressure situations and are equally as comfortable on the plant floor as in the boardroom. While we bring national and North American experience we choose to work locally focusing on the Pacific Northwest.

Why choose Catapult Strategy?

Hybrid expertise

Our uncommon blend of savvy business consultants, researchers, marketers and digital experts is our core difference. It enables us to link market insights & trends to business implications to strategic positioning and customer experiences. Practical, actionable solutions. 

Good communicators & collaborators

Let’s face it, good communication is a pre-requisite for successful relationships. We are a hands-on, candid, transparent and collaborative senior team. We don’t just come in and ‘do’ a project, instead we work with you, integrating your team and expertise with ours. Preparing solutions today that will support success over the long term.

We understand the importance of doing more with less

Not once have we met an organization with abundant resources to manage the ongoing day-to-day operations plus strategic initiatives. Using our processes and research, we bring new focus and prioritization helping you make the most of limited resources.

Our approaches work

Repeat business is a huge portion of our business. Our success is quite literally based on yours and we work hard to earn your satisfaction. Clients value our ability to understand business fundamentals, introduce new thinking and practical solutions that turn complex information into attainable results. 


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Values and leadership

Rolling up our sleeves to help organizations launch, scale, reinvent and grow.

Our senior team of researchers, business analysts, creative thinkers, problem-solvers and facilitators are led by Founder, Monique Janower. We are hands-on, visionary, collaborative and bring a unique perspective.


Monique Janower – Founder

Monique Janower is a business, marketing communications and research strategist who founded, built and sold a multi-million dollar marketing communications agency. She has been recognized among top female entrepreneurs.

A results-driven strategist, in her 20-year career, she has advised over 100 organizations — public and private, B2B and B2C — with project budgets from a few thousand to 25 million.

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Following the sale of her company in 2014, Monique founded Catapult Strategy. A hands-on strategy consultant and facilitator to US and Canadian business, she combines business leadership experience along with market research, customer experience and brand strategy to unlock critical insights, giving leaders a new lens to see their customers, competitors and organization. New insight that enables leaders to make better decisions that will innovate and transform their business to drive growth.

A transformative leader, she helps businesses reimagine the future, anticipate trends, harness disruption, outsmart competitors, redefine their offering to delight customers throughout their journey, engage your most important activator of change – employees, and define compelling brand positioning that is distinct, compelling and authentic. She applies her business problem-solving to start-up, expansion, IPO and business turnaround situations to propel organizational success.

Her success spans verticals such as technology, higher education, lottery, national retail franchise, professional sports, utility, e-commerce, real estate, telecommunications, resource, transportation and governments.


Martin Batten, Creative Director / Brand Strategist 

Martin operates at the junction of business strategy and innovation. He works with businesses and institutions who are at a point of transition, helping them launch, scale, reinvent, and grow

A hands-on advisor to US and Canadian small- and mid-cap businesses, Martin helps leaders optimize positioning in the market to drive growth, anticipate disruption, outsmart the competition and meet rising consumer and employee expectations.

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Throughout his 25-year career Martin has advised private and public businesses including Fortune 500 companies in technology, industrial, financial services, transportation, resources, real estate development and post-secondary sectors.

Martin effectively links research insights to business implications to possible strategy trajectories and brand positioning. He has a gift for the distillation of complex market research into practical strategic insights that will strengthen your culture, products and processes. Practical strategies and solutions that deliver results in less time.

As an experienced facilitator and collaborator, Martin effectively brings focus, alignment and sparks innovation among leadership teams. He helps businesses make the necessary shifts that will make them more compelling, relevant and differentiated, and in doing so, increase awareness, demand, loyalty, equity, and revenue.

Throughout his career, Martin has worked with brands such as Nestlé, Purina, Port Metro Vancouver, Bell Media, Simon Fraser University, Labatt Brewing, to name a few.

Additionally, he has won numerous awards and teaches Research and Design Thinking at Capilano University.


Majid Khoury, Senior Research Director

Majid Khoury is a respected strategist with over 30 years of research expertise including senior leadership of a multinational research organization. His entrepreneurial experience building and selling a research firm bring a valuable perspective; translating data into practical, actionable insights.

Majid is the wizard of research. His insights have guided many of the world’s top companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Petco, Best Buy, Levi’s, Clorox and Charles Schwab.

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Majid previously served as Senior Vice President at Ipsos and is a former professor at Simon Fraser University. Over the decades, Majid has worked with large global brands as well as local North American of different sizes and across most verticals.

Majid applies scientific rigor and research protocols to all Catapult research assignments. Majid is an expert in designing research plans that are purposeful and result in reliable data from which to extract insights and drive our strategies. He is passionate about data, what data means and how data can be used in building brands and businesses.

He is hands-on, contributing to methodology definition, questionnaire design and audience profiling. Majid oversees qualitative and quantitative research activities, analysis and presentations.


Wayne McKay, Senior Financial Services Expert

Wayne is a highly regarded marketing expert with unparalleled knowledge of financial services. Having worked for some a number of the most respected institutions in Canada.

He has a proven track-record, following a banking career in Manitoba/Ontario, Wayne joined Vancity where he served for 26 years. He was a branch manager, controller, and established/managed the IT, Administration, HR, Operations departments before retiring as SVP, Marketing & Member Services.

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Wayne chaired Central Data Systems and introduced computer services for credit unions. Later he launched the first fully online system for Financial Institutions in Canada. He also pioneered the development of services such as daily interest savings accounts, ethical funds, Visa, Teleservice and was tasked with changing the name from City Savings to Vancity.

As the next milestone in his career, he founded McKay Lenarduzzi Marketing, an agency that acted for 35 credit unions while representing professional athletes/teams and staging international soccer matches. He worked as a coach/mentor and assisted boards with mergers, branding and governance issues.

In 2002 Wayne joined Westminster Savings as VP Marketing overseeing promotions, communications and consolidating their two brands while opening three branches.

Wayne provides an in-depth understanding of the financial sector, and leadership and consultation based on his vast skill-set and experience.

Monique and her team were intimately involved in redefining our college’s future strategy. Their magic was looking beyond obvious research to distinct audience insights that resulted in a compelling, authentic and lasting brand.

Sarah Zimmerman, Director Communications and Public Relations, Coast Mountain College