Real Estate

Catapult Strategy helps developers, architects and cities create the vision, project plan, real estate marketing & sales strategy for mixed-use, commercial and public facilities that delight users, garner community support and deliver profit.

For land owners, Catapult is a welcome alternative to traditional development teams whose narrow skill sets fall short and from real estate agencies that fall back on the same cookie-cutter real estate marketing approach proven ineffective in a competitive market.

Full-cycle real estate experience makes us different and better.
Catapult’s turnkey consulting team consists of former development executives, financial analysts, national marketing agency leaders, branded environment experts and best-in-class sales professionals. We see the full picture, not silos. That means better foresight, better strategy, better execution, and better outcomes.

For over 30 projects, developers have partnered with Catapult.

  • North American luxury sun and snow real estate resorts
  • Residential and mixed-use developments (wood-frame, townhome and towers)
  • Senior living
  • Master-planned communities
  • Public facilities including multi-leisure complexes and sports arenas
  • 3D smart city technology to the reimagining of sprawling mall site transformations.

Our Expertise

Acquisition: Our market knowledge and analysis help to inform your potential investments, reduce risk, and lead to more financially viable projects.

Development: From envisioning facilitation, product strategy and mix, and entitlements support to interior design spec and retail mix to meet buyer needs.

Research + Engagement: Comprehensive programs that listen, learn and engage neighbours, business and government stakeholders and indigenous rights holders that result in a powerful project vision.

Marketing: Distinct brand and comprehensive marketing program tailored to your unique project that connects with your buyers.

Branded Environments: Our expertise in branded environments is applied to create compelling sales offices, building environments & wayfinding programs.

ProTech + MarTech: We plan and implement essential property and marketing technology stacks to drive efficiency, insights and customer satisfaction.

Construction: As the construction process unfolds, we create hoarding solutions and proactively communicated with homebuyers and community.

Customer Care: We make the homebuying and key turnover a lasting positive experience. Enhancing relationships, reputation and lead to repeat business.

Customer Experience: We help hospitality businesses bring brands to life through the entire customer experience. Entry | Experience | Exit | Reflect.

Residential, commercial and public developments take years if not a decade from concept to completion. The forethought to identify trends, emerging user needs, community expectations and shifting political and regulatory environments among other factors, is essential for both private and public real estate and large-scale facilities development. This is where we help.

If you are thinking about how to develop mixed-use or commercial projects that meet the needs of community and customers, mitigate financial risk, enhance reputation and are profitable, give us a call. > Get to know us..

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