Strategic Communications & Brand Position

Develop and deliver messages that drive change.


Strategic Communications

It’s true that effective communications require ongoing effort, time, and money. But consistent frameworks and strategy make those efforts more streamlined and more effective than ever. Our team has decades of experience comprising straegic communications programs. We’ll take care identifying the audiences, crafing the messages that motivate them to take action.

Our team works closely with you to solidify a strategy and develop actionable content.

Value Proposition & Vision
Our corporate visioning workshop aligns senior management, redefines your aspirational vision, mission, corporate values and sets the course for organizational success for the next several years. It will be the filter by which future business decisions are made and the first piece in your brand strategy.

Your value proposition and vision are closely related. Many companies struggle with truly creating a compelling value proposition. They lose out, never connecting their vision and ‘idea’ to a successful business. We help new and mature businesses across industries evaluate and construct substantive value propositions. We walk you through the four steps to articulate the benefit you provide, for whom and how you do it uniquely well.

Brand Strategy, Architecture, Naming and Visual Identity
Simply put, we build brands, because brands outperform businesses. Businesses are a commodity, brands capture the hearts and minds of your customers, employees and community. Your brand is the fundamental fabric of your organization, the gut feeling when someone thinks of you. We help institutions and businesses discover and define their brand, one that is authentic, compelling and distinct.

Through a workshop series, we explore and articulate your brand architecture and fundamental pillars that make up your brand strategy. Built upon a keen understanding of who your company authentically is and will be, its value proposition and how it can be behaved by everyone in your organization.

Your brand strategy is then ‘brought to life’ through graphics, images, logos and key messages -otherwise known as your brand identity or brand creative. We help businesses avoid the common and expensive mistake of superficial and trendy brand creative. Your brand identity is built to last, to have depth and will meaningfully contribute to driving business growth and equity for several years.

When a Naming is required, we deploy our 6-step naming process to systematically identify, evaluate, test and select the best name for your product or company.

Improving Marketing Performance
Our Marketing Effectiveness Audit can almost immediately save you money and increase revenue. Working alongside management and internal marketing teams, our 20-point audit uncovers where your marketing program is helping the business and where it is not and what to do about it. The depth of our audits reflects the size and scale of your business and marketing investment. The audit examines all marketing areas relevant to your business, here are just a few:

  • The extent to which data, customer and competitor insights are driving your marketing strategies
  • Effectiveness of KPI metrics and how intel is used to improve performance
  • Quality of marketing creative and its ability to tap into emotional and logical key drivers
  • Effectiveness of digital marketing and email programs
  • Evaluation of the repurposing of brand assets to contain cost
  • Evaluation of social media and content strategy relative to business goals
  • Use of marketing automation
  • Innovative use of media online and off
  • Effectiveness of in-store Point of Purchases (if applicable)

Creating a Powerful Marketing Progam
For many clients, we lead or partner with internal teams to develop marketing programs that will make the most out of every dollar spent.

Our Marketing Plan provides a strategic framework and prioritized action plan outlining how, when, what and where to engage with distinct customer segments — to build brand awareness, encourage trial and preference of your product or service or organization. Our marketing plans provide clear metrics to track performance to ensure marketing activities are effectively advancing business priorities.

Business Model Innovation
Business model innovation is about fundamentally rethinking your business. A systematic evaluation to realign front of house (customer journey, engagement, brand, sales channels) and back of house (resources, skills, process, structure and tools) with your new vision and value proposition.

Key Outcomes

  • An inclusive examination of your business model through a customer-centric lens, that identifies where legacy thinking, approaches, skills and systems are presenting barriers and limiting growth.
  • Identification of innovation opportunities within your business model to delight existing customer, attract new ones and to drive growth.

Our strategy consulting services are specialized to increase certainty in decision-making, to apply innovative thinking and deliver tangible business results. Contact us to learn more about how we can support you. Say hello.

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