Strategic Planning

Great organizations do not become great by chance. They apply strategic rigor to focus and prioritize investment and action.


Business Assessment
A signature service, our Business Assessment is a starting point for many of our client engagements. It provides a common set of facts and insights that align your management teams enabling you to make better decisions. Sounds simple enough yet many businesses race headfirst into implementing new strategic directions without a true understanding of their current state.

Our blend of experts enables us to link market insights, customer research and trends to business implications to strategic positioning and customer experiences. This gives a new perspective allowing you to remove the natural internal bias we all have to make better decisions and increase certainty.

Where do you need to be positioned in the future to be compelling, relevant and distinct? We help you see where your business is at today, where you want to be and how great the distance is between the two.

As part of this exercise, we define your ‘Stickiness Factor’ – the desirability of your value proposition and ability to attract and retain customers and employees. The higher the factor, the greater the business benefit.

Real Estate Feasibility Study and Market Assessment
Our feasibility study provides commercial and residential developers with increased certainty about the potential value, desirability, uses and hurdles prior to making land bank purchases decisions.

Our feasibility includes:

  • Strategic advice throughout the due diligence process;
  • Reviews all related material associated with the proposed location;
  • Participate in negotiations and discussions with relevant City staff regarding the related jurisdictions policies, bylaws and plans;
  • Provide a written report outlining our findings and recommendations for the location

Talent Attraction, Culture & Communications
Attracting and retaining talent is among the biggest challenges businesses across all industries face. Even hedge funds are now including ‘culture’ as a determinate for future success and a filter for their investment decision.

Successful companies are those who are harnessing the potential of their employees. We help you identify the cultural characteristics that are hindering and make the critical shifts necessary to attract and keep great people. Exceptional employee experiences lead to higher productivity, innovation, engagement, improved customer experiences and increased revenue.

Some of the ways we help:

  • Culture Scan workshop helps you identify current values & culture contrasted against the values & culture you require to profoundly impact growth.
  • Internal communications planning and audits sharpen messages, delivery and drastically improve comprehension.
  • Internal brand rollout plans are the strategic roadmap to build understanding, enthusiasm and shift organizational behaviors so your brand is authentically ‘lived’ by all employees.
  • Innovation workshops provide a framework to unlock creative potential dormant within your team, empowering them to solve complex problems.
  • Facilitated sessions to define vision, mission and values.

Business Model Innovation
Business model innovation is about fundamentally rethinking your business. A systematic evaluation to realign front of house (customer journey, engagement, brand, sales channels) and back of house (resources, skills, process, structure and tools) with your new vision and value proposition.

Key Outcomes

  • An inclusive examination of your business model through a customer-centric lens, that identifies where legacy thinking, approaches, skills and systems are presenting barriers and limiting growth.
  • Identification of innovation opportunities within your business model to delight existing customer, attract new ones and to drive growth.

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