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Growth is getting more difficult in the face of emerging market dynamics: consumer behaviors are rapidly changing, increasing competition and digital disruption. How will your organization respond?

Catapult is your strategic partner to shift your business to meet rising customer expectations – practical solutions to increase revenue, decrease costs and sustain value.

Our team is an uncommon blend of business and marketing savvy consultants, researchers and technologists. This enables us to link market insights & trends to business implications, strategic positioning and customer experiences.

Here are some of the tangible ways we can help your business:

  • We help you separate from the competition – to be distinct, relevant and compelling.
  • We enable you to attract and retain talent – one of the biggest challenges hindering growth today.
  • We help distill customer insights, trends and data into practical solutions.
  • We improve marketing communications performance.
  • We help established business make critical shifts to meet rising customer expectations and digital transformation to remain relevant.
  • We introduce new insights and evidence that remove internal bias, align and focus leadership teams and result in better decisions.
  • We help ambitious Startups and their investors convert curiosity to customers to revenue.
  • We create strategic brands that drive demand, preference, loyalty and build equity for owners.
  • We define your ‘stickiness factor’ – your business’ ability to attract customers, employees, address unmet needs and what to do about it today.
  • We harnessing the expertise and knowledge of your team to contribute to solutions.

Even for the most experienced leaders, knowing where to start and the process of analysis, strategic planning and implementation on top of day-to-day responsibilities can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be. 

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Learn quickly, focus your team and unleash growth.

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How we help.

Unlike traditional management consulting and marketing agencies, Catapult’s hybrid combination of strategy consulting, market research and branding expertise unlock insights that equip leaders to make better decisions, action and deliver business growth.

Catapult uses practical, proven methodology and process that allow organizations to systematically determine where opportunities for growth lie and how to exploit them. 

We build an understanding of the entire journey map to improve your customers’ experience, engage and empower your most important activator of change – employees, and define compelling brand positioning that is distinct, relevant and authentic.

Our hands-on senior advising team use qualitative and quantitative innovative research, strategy consulting, tools and workshops, coupled with a collaborative yet candid personality to guide management teams through critical challenges. Building an understanding of pain points and opportunities, and foster new ways of thinking to inform and focus decision making. > Learn about our services

We are hands-on, candid and collaborative.

An extension of your management team, we are expert business consultants who inject a unique perspective to your business or institution.

For well over 150 businesses and institutions, Catapult has facilitated workshops, redefined strategic plans, and created distinct, compelling brands. From mature industrial businesses to ambitious technology startups to national retail franchise.

Leaders engage our senior consulting team for short and long-term assignments, from single day sprint workshops to complex problem-solving strategies and programs ranging from 4 to 18 months. For select clients, we remain ongoing trusted advisors.

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Industry Specialization

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Recent Assignments

University differentiation in a competitive market  Comprehensive research to uncover perceptions, and the strategic roadmap to brand differentiation and enhanced first-year student experience.

Entrepreneurial North American port  Charting the course for significant global growth, our analysis and distillation of research unlocked the strategic path to growth, while balancing community social license and stakeholder support.

North America IoT network launch  Structure, strategy, positioning and launch of a large-scale IoT technology company preparing for hypergrowth and IPO.

3D smart city technology  Pivot, branding and go-to-market strategy for a global technology firm to secure series A funding and shift from multi-year R&D to commercialization.