Strategic Marketing, BRANDS & BUsiness consulting

The World is changing. We’ll help you grow.

Catapult Strategy creates strategic, insight-driven brands, marketing and environments that transform into predictive top-line growth and add value to your balance sheet.

For industrial and complex businesses with ambitious growth goals, Catapult is a welcome alternative to traditional consultancies, creative agencies and research firms. 

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Catapult Solutions Can Change The Way You Do Business

Market research insights: Discover new insights into current perceptions, market intelligence, trends and unmet customer needs to find new paths to growth.

Compelling, differentiated brands: Insights-driven strategic brands that connect with your audience, employees and community.

Proven leadership within reach: Direct access to a highly experienced senior team who can lead and execute with precision.

Transformative business planning: Align, focus, innovate

Transformative branded environments: Bringing brands and customers together in physical spaces to drive your business outcomes.

Marketing Plans that drive outcomes: Set a clear path to your goals.


The perspective and partnership we bring is highly strategic, highly practical and delivers to the bottom line.

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An invaluable blend of expertise when you need it.

Direct access to a highly experienced senior team.

Catapult provides businesses with a highly cost-effective way to add senior-level brand, marketing, market research and business leadership experience. Immediate access to experts who can bring a new perspective, new capacity, new solutions and exponential value to the business. Businesses leverage our depth of knowledge and experience to plan, anticipate, mitigate risk and execute projects with precision. 

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Companies who work with Catapult.

Helping businesses launch, reinvent, scale and grow.

Catapult consultants thrive in complex environments, high-pressure situations and are equally as comfortable on the plant floor as in the boardroom. Most of our clients stem from complex or industrial sectors such as real estate, construction, utility, resources, manufacturing, transportation, technology and franchise.

Businesses who partner with Catapult are at a point of transition. Many are established sector leaders maneuvering to maintain market share or break through a plateau. Some are launching new projects,  expanding into new markets, or are a family enterprise in transition. Others face complex challenges in need of skillful communications navigation. Most are fighting to attract and retain the talent essential for growth.

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A senior team who is hands-on, candid and collaborative.

Catapult consultants apply best practices and decades of experience to quickly learn your business, apply new insights and deliver return.

Our hybrid expertise plus c-suite, business ownership and project management experience mean ‘we get it’. We get the day-to-day realities of running a business, the challenges of carving out time for strategic planning, marketing communications and brand initiatives among the other pressures of the day. It means our solutions yield a dramatic impact on our clients’ profit and performance and set your team up for success.

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Recent Assignments

Master-planned community  Hands-on CMO leading the envisioning,  brand and marketing that resulted in differentiated real estate offering, buyer demand, community support and maximized profit.

Entrepreneurial North American port  Our brand analysis and distillation of consumer research helped chart the course for global growth while balancing community social license and stakeholder support.

University differentiation in a competitive market  Comprehensive market research to uncover perceptions, and the strategic roadmap to brand differentiation and enhanced first-year student experience.

US Growth of Mining Equipment Manufacturer Application of our expertise in interactive branded environments, business scaling, technology and manufacturing to lead an ambitious expansion strategy including MINExpo 3000 SF tradeshow exhibit.